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East Grinstead/Lingfield: 01342 537610

Having suffered many years of

Having suffered many years of backpain operations ,related back problems , Osteoarthritis and seen numerous practitioners I came across Mr Praveen Jayasimhan through research on the web.

He was one of the few practitioners who answered my call promptly.

I had severe pain due to Sciatica and other lumbar problems.

3 key points he made;

a) No one can cure backpain
b) You come with pain and I will give you pain….to releave pain. As the proof is in the pudding He was correct. and I am back to a painless daily routine.
c) It is paramount to keep the exercise routine going and see him every couple of months to prevent further painful occurrences.

He is one of the best practitioners I have had and additionally I did not feel I was pushed into extra sessions .

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