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East Grinstead/Lingfield: 01342 537610

I cannot recommend Praveen highly enough

I cannot recommend Praveen highly enough. After having stiffness and lower back ache I was not able to play golf and thought I would be out for many months. Praveen has sorted me out and I was back playing within a couple of weeks and within 5 weeks feel 90% better. I had been to osetopath who could not fix me and didn’t give me any exercises to do so I was feeling really fed up. Praveen is hands on and gives you an exercise program which is easy to follow and really helps rehabilitation.

My husband also goes to him because he had a neck problem and has not been able to move his neck the full range from side to side. After 4 weeks with Praveen he can move his neck the full range which is the first time in 3 years, he wishes he had gone to Praveen earlier.

I will be recommending Praveen as the go to physio.



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