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I have so far had

I have so far had three physiotherapy sessions with Praveen and I can honestly say that they have vastly improved my life of pain that I have had endured for at least over the last 10 years!

I have had neck and jaw pain and constantly increasing migraine because of the pain for a very long time. I have been put on increasingly heavier medications, had scans etc, but not really any improvement. I have had 2 injections in my jaw over the last 7 years to help with the pain which lasted about 6 months but wore off. I practice Yoga, which helps, but now I have found Praveen, who has managed to unlock the stress and tension my body seemed to have absorbed over the years which had created these physical issues and pain and I am feeling so much better and free of constant pain.

Praveen is very honest when you visit and tells you that initially the visits will be painful as he unlocks the tight tension and stress in these areas and he is correct, it is painful, but a pain worth enduring for a short time for long lasting affect and a better quality of life. I can honestly say I feel so much better already and my headaches have decreased dramatically, my neck is no longer stiff and my jaw doesn’t feel as if it is constantly tensed and painful and sore.

I have recommended him to my friends and I can highly recommend him to others who are reading this who have chronic pain and wish to improve their quality of life.

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