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In November 20, after walking

In November 20, after walking for a while, I ended up with a very painful, razor sharp pain in my right knee, which made me limp and restrict my movement very much. Exercise is a most crucial part of my life and particularly became so during lockdown. I need to be able to walk in the woods and to exercise for quality of life! So this was a most depressing situation!
Then my friend recommended Mr Praveen for help! I came to him with a 10 out of 10 in pain. Mr Praveen assessed the situation and knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed. So, getting his treatment and the right exercises, the next appointment already showed an improvement of about 50-60 % within a week! Then I saw him again and it now improved so much within a week that I was able to get out and about for walks again and while I continue with the prescribed exercises, I am confident that I will handle the problem completely! Thank you very much for your direct and competent help! I also like very much the streamlined setup of getting access to the right exercises with the videos on how to do them. And the reminder of appointment. The conduction of your practice is a very helpful experience indeed. I will definitely recommend you! Thank you very much.

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