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Praveen Jayasimhan has been instrumental

Praveen Jayasimhan has been instrumental in my recovery from a broken thigh bone (termed fractured hip surgery) along with other soft tissue damage following a fall, which is not an easy feat at age 84 and with existing scoliosis. With his incredible expertise, I was able to walk using just one stick after about 2 weeks. He also encouraged me to take a few steps without any support, which I had not thought I would be able to do again, but he knew I could. He not only used his excellent knowledge of anatomy to design tailor-made exercises around my environment and make use of whatever props were available in it, but applied hands-on techniques to relieve muscle spasms, reduce swelling and bruising, not to mention his pleasant/calm personality and motivational skills, which helped greatly to keep my spirits up during this difficult period, when he was like a godsend. He answered my request for help immediately and made every effort to fit in sufficient sessions to help me recover quickly and I would urge anyone to engage him.

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