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Below you can find Testimonials of our clients who received treatment at one of ANRC Physiotherapy clinics in Horsham, East Grinstead and Lingfield. They received a wide range of treaments from Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries, Orthopaedic or other treatments.

I have had 4 sessions with Praveen and he has dramatically improved my upper back pain

I have had 4 sessions with Praveen and he has dramatically improved my upper back pain. With his treatment and the stretches he has given me, I am able to function again. Thank you Praveen!


Hannah Westcott

Hannah Westcott
June 30, 2022

After 15 years plus with living with an old sporting injury to my shoulder

After 15 years plus with living with an old sporting injury to my shoulder (dislocation) Praveen has managed to improve no end my mobility and strength to the joint. Would highly recommend
AdamNiffy Porter
June 30, 2022

Praveen at ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic quickly helped me to get on the path to recovery from a shoulder tendon tear.

Praveen at ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic quickly helped me to get on the path to recovery from a shoulder tendon tear.


Kim Wise

Kim Wise
June 30, 2022

Praveen at ANRC is very friendly, clearly knowledgeable and quickly gained my confidence

Praveen at ANRC is very friendly, clearly knowledgeable and quickly gained my confidence. Although I know I may be in for a bit of ‘positive pain’ when I visit, I have faith that it is doing me good. He has given me exercises to do at home and in my experience won’t see you for more appointments than are necessary. It is for these reasons that ANRC has become my go to physiotherapist.


Ben Grimwood

Ben Grimwood
June 30, 2022

I would highly recommend

I would highly recommend, I contacted Praveen due to injury and having no support with the NHS. Praveen listened and offered to see me that same day, which was really helpful.
He is very knowledgeable about injury, recovery and exercise programme. I’ve felt very reassured and he works with me to build me back to better health.
I would highly recommend his company to all. I am very thankful to have found Praveen in a time of need.
Vanessa Butterly
June 25, 2022

I could not turn my head to the left for over a month

I could not turn my head to the left for over a month. Praveen released the spasm and nodules in just one session. The following session focussed on surrounding muscles and structures and I now have a far greater range of movement. He also gave me follow up exercises to prevent recurrence. Very personable, knowledgeable and thoroughly reccomended.


Adam Hurley

Adam Hurley
Pysiotherapy and TENS
May 2, 2022

I cannot recommend Praveen highly enough

I cannot recommend Praveen highly enough. After having stiffness and lower back ache I was not able to play golf and thought I would be out for many months. Praveen has sorted me out and I was back playing within a couple of weeks and within 5 weeks feel 90% better. I had been to osetopath who could not fix me and didn’t give me any exercises to do so I was feeling really fed up. Praveen is hands on and gives you an exercise program which is easy to follow and really helps rehabilitation.

My husband also goes to him because he had a neck problem and has not been able to move his neck the full range from side to side. After 4 weeks with Praveen he can move his neck the full range which is the first time in 3 years, he wishes he had gone to Praveen earlier.

I will be recommending Praveen as the go to physio.



March 15, 2022

My son had four sessions with Praveen that has significantly helped

My son had four sessions with Praveen that has significantly helped. Praveen provided helpful advice and insight. He was friendly and put my son at ease. When we finished our last appointment my son told me that he was sad to not be seeing Praveen again


R Mitch.

March 3, 2022

All Covid-related good practices were in place

Very good atmosphere. The physiotherapist did a thorough assessment and explained everything in detail. Apart from the treatment, I was also given information and exercises to take home. I absolutely recommend it.
(All Covid-related good practices were in place)


Rallou Chatzimichail

Rallou Chatzimichail
December 10, 2021

Very friendly, explained what could be the course of my issues

Very friendly, explained what could be the course of my issues and provided excellent treatment and guidance.

April 28, 2021

Having picked up a painful calf injury from running

Having picked up a painful calf injury from running, I was delighted by the quality of care provided by Praveen – excellent physio, great exercise plan and even loaned me a balance board. First-class – highly recommend!


April 28, 2021

Really professional service

Really professional service, identified my injury quickly and aided in a very speedy recovery. Would highly recommend


March 8, 2021

In November 20, after walking

In November 20, after walking for a while, I ended up with a very painful, razor sharp pain in my right knee, which made me limp and restrict my movement very much. Exercise is a most crucial part of my life and particularly became so during lockdown. I need to be able to walk in the woods and to exercise for quality of life! So this was a most depressing situation!
Then my friend recommended Mr Praveen for help! I came to him with a 10 out of 10 in pain. Mr Praveen assessed the situation and knew exactly what was wrong and what I needed. So, getting his treatment and the right exercises, the next appointment already showed an improvement of about 50-60 % within a week! Then I saw him again and it now improved so much within a week that I was able to get out and about for walks again and while I continue with the prescribed exercises, I am confident that I will handle the problem completely! Thank you very much for your direct and competent help! I also like very much the streamlined setup of getting access to the right exercises with the videos on how to do them. And the reminder of appointment. The conduction of your practice is a very helpful experience indeed. I will definitely recommend you! Thank you very much.

Eveline Ottenweller
Knee pain
January 19, 2021

Gosh now where to start?September

Gosh now where to start?

September 2019 I bend down to pick up a piece of paper and my lower back ended up extremely painful. Many months of suffering not being able to bend down, I finally had an MRI in March which determent it was muscular transferred pain. Then the first lockdown happened as I was waiting for Physiotherapy on the National Health. I was told it could take up to 6 months of waiting to be seen.

May 2020 and suddenly I could not sit or lay down without being in lots of pain. In August I finally decided that life was not worth living if in this much pain and so went on to the WEB and found Praveen.

On the 8th August the night I could finally sit and sleep without the pain being so intense. After about 4 sessions it was nearly gone. Truly I wish I had not waited so long to seek treatment.

About 30 years ago I had whiplash due to a car accident and Praveen has been dealing with my neck and shoulders loosing them up.

Praveen certainly knows his job and I would not hesitate to recommend him to all who needs help.

Yvonne de la Haye
Hands on Physiotherapy
November 15, 2020

Praveen Jayasimhan has been instrumental

Praveen Jayasimhan has been instrumental in my recovery from a broken thigh bone (termed fractured hip surgery) along with other soft tissue damage following a fall, which is not an easy feat at age 84 and with existing scoliosis. With his incredible expertise, I was able to walk using just one stick after about 2 weeks. He also encouraged me to take a few steps without any support, which I had not thought I would be able to do again, but he knew I could. He not only used his excellent knowledge of anatomy to design tailor-made exercises around my environment and make use of whatever props were available in it, but applied hands-on techniques to relieve muscle spasms, reduce swelling and bruising, not to mention his pleasant/calm personality and motivational skills, which helped greatly to keep my spirits up during this difficult period, when he was like a godsend. He answered my request for help immediately and made every effort to fit in sufficient sessions to help me recover quickly and I would urge anyone to engage him.

Bruna Tourle
Physiotherapy - rehabilitation following hip fracture surgery
November 6, 2020

Having suffered many years of

Having suffered many years of backpain operations ,related back problems , Osteoarthritis and seen numerous practitioners I came across Mr Praveen Jayasimhan through research on the web.

He was one of the few practitioners who answered my call promptly.

I had severe pain due to Sciatica and other lumbar problems.

3 key points he made;

a) No one can cure backpain
b) You come with pain and I will give you pain….to releave pain. As the proof is in the pudding He was correct. and I am back to a painless daily routine.
c) It is paramount to keep the exercise routine going and see him every couple of months to prevent further painful occurrences.

He is one of the best practitioners I have had and additionally I did not feel I was pushed into extra sessions .

Brigitte Hunter-Ghyselbrecht
sciatic pain and back pain
August 19, 2020

Praveen has improved the mobility

Praveen has improved the mobility and extension of my elbow, and is clearly a very knowledgable Physiotherapist who takes pride in his work and the recovery of his patients. A top person too! Thank you.

Jonty Egginton
Elbow injury recuperation
December 7, 2019

I have visited Praveen for

I have visited Praveen for some time due to a knee injury. He has succeeded in ensuring I improve rapidly and his techniques are most successful. He is also a very caring person with great ideas to continue to improve. I would highly recommend him.

Penny Blake
Physio, electrotherapy
November 29, 2019

Low back pain

Very polite physio, did what needed to be done for my daughter’s back. Would recommend to anyone looking for a physio


Nicola Barber
Low back pain
September 17, 2019
We booked a consultation with Parveen as my son had been suffering with lower back pain for around a year. We had previously been to see a Chiropractor who told my son that he had scoliosis and a compressed spine due to weight lifting. We were also told that he could end up in a wheel chair. My son was in tears and decided to give up power lifting altogether. In addition the Chiropractor suggested we book 12 sessions which I thought seemed strange as surely you don't know how things are going until after each session? We stopped going and went to the GP who said my son did not have scoliosis but did not offer any solution to the back pain. Eventually we found Parveen's website and we booked a consultation based on the brilliant reviews. After just one consultation my son said his pain had subsided. Parveen gave him multiple exercises to strengthen his core which seemed to be the underlying problem together with improving his posture. He also told us that my son did not have scoliosis and there was nothing wrong with him, he would surely not end up in a wheelchair! Parveen's caring and calm demeanour will put anyone at ease and after 3 consultations my son now no longer has any back pain. Parveen also helped with a problem with his ankle after a skateboarding accident. Parveen is a true professional who really knows his stuff. After curing my son's back pain we walked out of the treatment room and my teenage son said: What a nice man! Coming from a teenager that is an enormous compliment. It is so nice to know where to find Parveen should anyone in the family need his help in the future.


Treatments Done: Treatment for lower back pain, some chest pain & ankle injury

01 July,2019

Testimonials 3I had been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder by the hospital and my local GP after 15 mins with Parveen he had correctly diagnosed my pain as tendonitis a further 30 mins later I had quite a bit of movement and a lot less pain.

After a number of visits and home exercises no pain and a full range of movement. I cannot express my thanks enough for the professional and friendly treatment I have recieved.




Treatments Done:  for tendonitis

20 January,2019

Testimonials 3I had treatment with Parveen for my neck. He is an excellent Physiotherapist who has a calming nature and made me feel at ease. At each treatment I came away in a lot less pain and he managed to get my neck movement back. Highly recommended and first class !!





Treatments Done: Treatment for neck injury

16 November,2018

From the point I met Praveen I felt at ease and in good hands. Calm, professional and with empathy. Issue - I fell down some stairs 6 months previous and had just been diagnosed with a torn cartilage in my shoulder, with 2 options open to me physio or surgery. Treatment started on the first visit and I had a plan to follow at home. I always felt that Praveen understood what I was saying and explained things in an easy way. He was realistic with my injury and helped me understand what I could expect. This was in Feb 2018, I wasn't sure if it was going to work and what my chances of returning to work as a professional sailor were. Following Praveen's guidance I returned to work in the May and I am just about to completed a 6 month contract on board a yacht. Without Praveen's skill and approach I doubt very much this would have been possible. I can whole heartily recommend Praveen for anyone with injury who's need to return to work of a physical nature.




Treatments Done: Muscle release/massage on shoulder, upper back, lower back. Elastic band routine to increase strength

19 October,2018

After a road traffic accident I was sent to ANRC for some treatment on my shoulder. I met with Praveen and he carried out seven treatments and advice on my discomfort and injury. He was very competent and understanding and the treatment has been very successful. I would not hesitate to recommend him or visit again if required.





Treatments Done: Manipulation and deep muscle massage on shoulder and upper back.

08 January,2018

I visited Praveen having been referred by BUPA.

I was suffering from lower back and referred pain around the ribs.

He quickly established what was causing the problem and following 7 sessions, over a period of time where a number of different techniques were employed, I was able to resume exercising in the Gym.

He further diagnosed that the problem would be improved if I visited a podiatrist. As a result, I am now without pain.

Praveen takes a holistic approach, has a range of techniques to solve problems, is flexible with his appointments and I recommend him highly.


Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Treatments Done: Low back pain, sciatica

15 October,2017

I had treatment with Parveen for my neck. He is an excellent Physiotherapist who has a calming nature and made me feel at ease. At each treatment I came away in a lot less pain and he managed to get my neck movement back. Highly recommended and first class !!





Treatments Done: Treatment for neck injury

16 November,2018

I was introduced to Praveen via BUPA who recommended a course of physiotherapy to solve a long standing sciatic problem. I was impressed with his holistic approach, the range of therapies and the course of self help through the exercises recommended. After the course of 7 treatments I am virtually pain free. Praveen is also very customer focused and is highly flexible with the appointment times. Thank You Peter





Treatments Done: Various to address pain to the lower back ,mid rift and left hand side.

17 August,2017

Hi Praveen,

‘After suffering neck & upper back problems for the last 20 years, it always led to visits to NHS Physios at 3 yearly intervals, they made little to no difference & offered no relief from the pain.

After losing sensation in my arms last November I didn’t know where to turn & found Praveen on the internet, who was quickly able to accommodate & help.

His technique is incredible & was really able make a difference on day 1, his diagnosis reassured me he knows what he is talking about & was about to untangle years of abuse to my upper body. I couldn’t believe the results after the first 3/4 sessions, no loss of sensation in my arms since.

Further sessions & exercises has left me pain free & comfortable for the first time in many years. I can’t thank him enough. Highly recommended.



Treatments Done:neck & upper back

27 March,2017


This is to thank you for kind attention you afforded me in the recent therapy sessions dealing with my Sciatica problem in the left area of my lower back and leg. After the prescribed exercises and your massages the area of pain was much reduced and my mobility has continued to improve.

Your knowledge and application gave me much reassurance and I was very happy with your relaxing manner.

I will be pleased to recommend you to our friends and family seeking physio treatments.

Thanks and regards.

Terry Myring

Terry Myring

Treatments Done: Low back pain

08 March,2017

In some considerable pain, I was unable to see my previous physio. at short notice, but found ANRC in line. Luckily Praveen was able to see me almost immediately! After a thorough assessment Praveen gave me a very skillful "working over" following which I was able to walk out of the clinic pain free. I have had a couple of follow up sessions and am delighted with the result. As well as a skillful practitioner Praveen is a very caring and charming man.

Physiotherapy Lingfield




Treatments Done: Pain relief to lower back and legs.

16 February,2017

I attended ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic suffering with neck pain after a car accident.
I have completed the course of treatment and my neck pain has reduced and I have been given exercises which will increase ease of movement over time.
I found the consultant friendly and professional, explaining each process of manipulation. He was always concerned about any pain he caused while working on the affected area.
Should I suffer from any pain in the future I would not hesitate in contacting ANRC


Thank you, Mr. Praveen.


Kind regards


Linda Cooke-Willing
Horsham, Foundry lane


Linda Cooke-Willing

Treatments Done: neck pain, upper back pain

13 February,2017

Just a note to thank you for the physiotherapy treatment that I have received. The treatment has been extremely successful and I now know what I need to do in order for the benefits to continue. I wish I had found you a lot earlier.
Sincerely - David Irwin.



 David Irwin.

Treatments Done: Hip pain, numbness on thigh.

23 January,2017

Praveen really helped me after my replacement knee operation. After a few sessions, my mobility improved and with the exercises continued to improve.
I do not believe I would have made so much progress without Praveen's help.
when I have the other knee replaced I will be calling again.



Treatments Done: Post knee replacement rehabilitation

18 September,2016

Amazing. Brilliant. Fabulous
Report Review Praveen is amazing. Very gifted. The room is a bit cozy but it is ok. I'm here to review praveen not the room. He has great knowledge and has a very nice manner. Highly recommend




Paul Green

Treatments Done: Sports injury

15 September,2016

Possibly the best physiotherapist I have ever met! Praveen doesn't waste time and the exercises, taping, and manipulation of both leg and foot resulted in a cure for my plantar facsitis and a good improvement on my torn knee mediscus caused by injury over 12 months ago.





Treatments Done: Taping, bespoke exercises and physiotherapy

25 August,2016

Solved 7 years of back pain

Before going to ANRC and seeing Praveen I had constant lower back/hip pain, from the age of 16 to 24. I had seen 3 different osteopaths, 4 different doctors in both America and England, as well as a physiotherapist for the American football team at USF in america (in other words he shouldve known his stuff). I had experienced short term relief, from either medications provided or treatment, but my back would still be in pain most days, and every few months I would have severe pain that would not subside even when lying, basically no one could give me a long term solution. I saw Praveen for a couple months, after a few weeks I was able to play golf and workout again, and now I no longer have regular sessions due to Praveen's comprehensive exercise and stretch routine he has given me. My back feels better than it has in years.





Treatments Done: low back and upper back pain

24 August,2016

Relief After 25 Years

Having suffered with headaches for 25 years (and tried all sorts of unsuccessful treatments), I heard about trigger point therapy and decided to give it a go. The intense hands-on physiotherapy freed my neck and back up and reduced the severity of my headaches. Praveen gave me a number of short exercised to facilitate improvement and I found that combining these with his treatment has brought much relief from pain. I would highly recommend this treatment and in particular Praveen who is very experienced and very pleasant.




Treatments Done: Neck and upper back pain

17 August,2016

I have been treated by Praveen for a lower back pain, I could hardly walk when I was referred to him , after 4 sessions I am back to normal and back to workout classes. A very friendly but professional service and very convernient clinic in Ashurstwood with easy access. Thank You. Gillian





Treatments Done: Lower back and leg pain

07 April,2016

Praveen was excellent in providing both robust treatment but also with ongoing advice and support. He was extremely flexible and accommodating with appointments. I would highly recommend him





Treatments Done: Neck & shoulder

21 March,2016

Dear Praveen,

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for all your help with the neck pain. I've been suffering due to RSI and postural problems.

When I first came to see you I had a lot of pain and stiffness in my neck with limited movement and it was stopping me sleeping properly.

Your hands on treatment has helped my neck so much, the pain and stiffness have gone and all my range of movement is back. It has been a remarkable improvement.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to family and friends.

Thanks again.


Cathy Stidworthy

Treatments Done: Neck and upper back pain

09 January,2016

I consulted Praveen for chronic low back pain with had gradually got worse over the last couple of years.

My expectations were low as I had been treated by other practitioners plus my flexibility was very poor.

A course of treatment with Praveen has relieved my daily aches and pain to virtually non-existent, I can now work more comfortably and enjoy my Yoga twice a week. I cannot recommend Praveen enough.

Kind regards,

Ms Antoniette Bullen


Ms Antoniette Bullen

Treatments Done: Low back and upper back

22 December,2015

I have been to many Physiotherapists, but Praveen was by far the best. He got my extremely painful neck and ankle sprains from debilitating to fully functional in just a few sessions, and without his excellent care I would have taken many more painful weeks to recover. He is flexible with office hours and a pleasure to work with, and recommend him to friends and family.




Treatments Done: Physio for neck and ankle sprain

12 December,2015

Praveen was knowledgeable and gave me physiotherapy on my arm at the first appointment. He understood my symptoms and condition straight away.
I liked the hands-on physio which I felt was needed, rather than just giving me exercises to do at home.
I asked for a written copy of the exercises prescribed for me as I forgot what he had told me and he happily sent this to me.




Treatments Done: Elbow pain

11 September,2015

I came to the practice after having been seen by my GP and Osteopath for problems with my shoulder, they both lacked the knowledge that Praveen is absolutely brimming with! After the first session I had much more mobility in my shoulder and walked away with exercises to keep it that way. After a handful more, the pain and limitation I felt in the beginning completely went away. Fantastic guy, I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Brian Mansi



Brian Mansi

Treatments Done: Shoulder pain

12 August,2015

I had severe hip and leg pain after a sports injury a year ago. I was finding it almost impossible to sleep at night due to the pain. I had seen a couple of consultants but they could not seem to help with the problem and I was getting desparate. When I found this website I phoned Praveen and he came out to see me the same day. From his first visit I was confident he could help me and was impressed that after one session I had some relief. After a few more sessions the pain has lessened considerably and I am now able to start exercising again. The treatment I had is very effective and I would definitely recommend Praveen.




Treatments Done: Mycofacial release, exercise therapy and stretching.

12 August,2015

I went to see Praveen with acute pain from my Achilles Tendon which I had been suffering from for weeks. He treated me with great friendliness, respect and professionalism. Sometimes the physical treatment was quite uncomfortable but the results have been brilliant. I now enjoy walking again as opposed to avoiding it and dreading it for so long. This man certainly knows his stuff. I will happily recommend him.





Treatments Done: Manipulation of leg and foot muscles plus exercises to do on my own.

21 July,2015

Excellent Service – Worked with me to rehabilitate from a neck injury and provided a range of neck exercise to do at home which are simple to do and made a significant improvement.





Paul Sterrett

Treatments Done: neck pain

27 June,2015

I had back pain for several weeks that was getting progressively worse. Praveen was flexible with the appointment time and location and I felt an improvement after the first session. The treatment along with the exercises that Praveen taught me continued to reduce my symptoms and I was back to normal after a few weeks. Friendly and professional treatment that I would use again and recommend to others. Thanks Praveen!






Treatments Done: Physio for back pain

02 June,2015

In 2008 I had a bad accident breaking a vertebra in my neck. Consequently I suffered for 8 years with chronic neck and face pain, migraines, vertigo and a host of other symptoms. Life was tough. Every day pretty much it was with me to some degree. Anything from mild to horrendous and some days I just simply could not function. It was robbing me of my life and affecting everyone around me. The biggest battle was finding someone who could help. I saw numerous consultants, osteopaths and physios. Yes they helped a little, but none of them gave me lasting relief. None of them managed to get my symptoms to a level that agve me an acceptable quality of life.

Praveen is the only person who has done this. I suppose I had lost hope. My quality of life was so poor and I had tried so many things I did not want to get up my hopes when I found him. His treatment is thorough and gets results. Most consultants I have met don’t actually listen you and therefore have a very standard ‘one size fits all’ approach. Praveen listens, has a very caring attitude and strives to get to the root cause that is very specific to every person. After a number of sessions and exercises I did at home, I now have the quality of life I have been dreaming of. I cannot recommend or thank Praveen enough.


Jo Upsdell (5.5.2015)

Treatments Done: Treatment for rehabilitation after an accident

08 May,2015

I had had varying degrees of Diffuse Upper Limb Disorder (RSI) for 24 years when I consulted Praveen. No previous physiotherapy or massage had helped, and I'd learnt to manage the condition with careful pacing, which could take months or sometimes years following a relapse. Praveen’s background at a specialist RSI centre in Bangalore that gets good results even with severe chronic RSI, using Suparna Damany’s logical treatment protocol (see her book “It’s Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!”), gave me confidence.
Praveen’s Trigger Point Therapy was much more thorough than any I had had before, and his understanding of RSI meant he tracked down the particular muscle points and scar tissue which were most critical to my pain.

His practical hands-on approach made me think of him as a superb "mechanic" to the body!
With 9 double sessions from Praveen, I made swifter than usual progress in recovery. I followed this with some Egoscue Method Postural Alignment training, and can now type with both hands again (after decades!) and also suffer fewer headaches.

I would recommend Praveen to any RSI sufferer. It is important to give him continual feedback so that he can tailor his treatment to your particular symptom pattern. You will probably also need to alter customary movement habits, and it is worth getting his advice on the best ergonomic arrangements for you personally (e.g. how to manipulate electronic devices etc).
I hope that Praveen will train other Physios in the UK, as I haven't met any others here yet, who offer such an effective approach to RSI.


Candida Richards - Consultant Psychologist (retired)

Treatments Done: RSI, upper back and neck pain, low back pain.

26 December,2014

I am very grateful with the hard work and effort Mr Praveen Jayasimhan has spent with me and me and my partner.He has made such a difference and I am able to proceed with my day today, thanks again

Many thanks

Katrina Pincott.



Katrina Pincott.

Treatments Done: Low back pain, Sciatica

17 December,2014

Having limped in to Praveen Jayasimhans's Physiotherapy clinic 3 weeks ago suffering with Achilles tendonitis in one Ankle and Plantar fasciitis in my other heel, and feeling in severe pain and discomfort. I find myself 100% free of all my symptoms are three brief visits and I have nothing but praise for the treatment I have received and I am so grateful to Praveen for his expertise.


Yvonne Murray



Yvonne Murray

Treatments Done: Tedno Achilles tendonitis, Ankle pain

03 December,2014

Would like to say thank you to Praveen for the Phisyo he has done on my shoulder and
working on my posture. He has been a great help and would recommend.

Thanks again





Treatments Done: Shoulder tendonitis, Shoulder pain physiotherapy.

20 November,2014

Lindsay ewins said:

"Very nice atmosphere. Friendly, caring and helpful staff. Very impressed!!"

Posted: 11/20/2014 6:41 AM

Deal: Physiotherapy Consultation and Treatment – East Grinstead, West sussex - 11/18/2014



Lindsay ewins

Treatments Done: Physio low back pain

18 November,2014

I have received five physiotherapy treatments from Praveen for very sore Ankles, heals and lower muscle pain in my legs, this condition continued for nearly eight years and i have tried everything to care the pain.

I am delighted that i no longer suffer from pain. Praveen has found the cause and I would highly recommend him to all pain sufferers.

Jane Wharton



Jane Wharton

Treatments Done: Plantar fasciitis / Leg pain / Tendo- Achilles pathology

12 October,2013


I wanted to thank you for transforming me from someone who could not even put his own sock on at the beginning of September, into someone who was playing football again by the end of the month.

Even in the very first session, you spotted my problem and immediately eradicated the acute pain that I was suffering from; although your treatment was ruthless, it gave me immediate relief from my suffering.  In the subsequent four sessions you devised a 20 minute daily stretching routine, some old fashioned stretches and some that I had never seen before, from which I can now feel the benefit.

Your advice to me of keeping all muscles strong and working from foot to head in order is good advice that I am following so that I hopefully never have to meet you again (no offence!).

Paul Crumpton


Paul Crumpton

Treatments Done: Plantar fasciitis / Leg pain / Tendo- Achilles pathology

30 September,2014

Praveen came to visit m mother aged 97, who had been in considerable pain for weeks with a rotator cuff tear. She could not use her arm without extreme pain.

She also suffers from scoliosis and osteo arthritis of the back - with two compressed fractures in her back in the last year.

She had 6 sessions with Praveen and felt immediate relief from severe pain from the very first session. She has remained free from pain and has been able to walk, sleep and travel in the car, which was something she felt she would never do again without extreme pain. So thanks Praveen and we highly recommend your services.



Treatments Done: 6 sessions at home of physiotherapy.

26 August,2014

thank you Praveen, a very hands on treatment. Highly recommend.





Treatments Done: shoulder/back tightness

01 August,2014

Hi Praveen,

I just wanted to thank you.

My shoulder was completely immobile and I was in a lot of pain with most movements before i came to see you.

Within three weeks (5 sessions), the pain is gone and I have full movement of my shoulder. I was impressed with the speed with which you responded to my initial call, your willingness and flexibility to fit me in and you happy nature when doing the physiotherapy. The therapy however is (necessarily) not gentle. In fact it is quite intense but you were great at distracting me.

I also took my son who is 10 years old as he had a sports related injury to his elbow. My son has had three sessions and now has almost full movement of his elbow. He is also in a lot less pain. I appreciate your advice and expertise in dealing with someone so young. I would recommend you to anyone needing physiotherapy.

Best Regards,

Louisa Creak


Louisa Creak

Treatments Done: rotator cuff injury Tennis elbow.

10 May,2014

Hi Praveen

"I approached Praveen after suffering from a pain on my shoulder, hip and leg which i had suffered from for over a year. Praveen carried out a course of intense physio sessions which included Soft tissue mobilisation, Trigger point therapy, myofacial release , articular mobilisation.

Within a week I noticed a dramatic improvement and after two months the pain has nearly gone. Daily exercises were introduced and advise was given on my workstation.
I would recommend anyone to ANRC Physiotherapy Clinic who has RSI

Thanks very much Praveen!"

Emma Kelly- East grinstead, west sussex

Emma Kelly

Treatments Done: Low back and Shoulder pain

14 November,2013

Post Fracture Rehabilitation

Were you pleased with the treatment?Praveen - to thank you for your help afforded to my sister after her fall in the Care Home. The treatment you gave to her wrist greatly improved the use of it. Also, its appearance. She now has the use of it again. You've also improved her mobility,so many thanks again!!TreatmentsPhysiotherapy





Treatments Done: Post fracture physiotherapy

28 December,2012


Were you pleased with the treatment?

Both my wife Mary and I have derived great benefit and ease from treatment at the skilled hands of Praveen. I was virtually immobilised from back pain and the treatment only over a few weeks has nearly got me back to normal. Treatment is not the usual easy massage, pleasant at the time but giving little or no lasting benefit. Praveen is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable (having in depth training and having treated thousands of sufferers).

My wife had a very painful shoulder. She'd experienced pain for over 8 months. Doctors were baffled and after an X Ray they recommended steroid injections. She didn't want these because of known side effects. Praveen caused the pain to disappear at her first treatment. She can now sleep at night.

His sessions are intense, but you are aware straight away that he knows what to do with your particular condition.

My wife and I have total confidence in him and recommend him without qualification.

We are so happy to have come across his services.


Treatments Done: Sciatica, shoulder tendinitis

13 April,2013

RSI Treatment

Were you pleased with the treatment?After I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I needed daily physiotherapy. Praveen was my physiotherapist for the most part of my treatment, His knowledge of various techniques including myotherapy, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques and taping is impressive. Therapy sessions with him helped me regain my confidence and allowed me get back to a daily workout regime. Without his help I would not have been able to get back to a normal life so fast. It was great having him as a therapist and a friend during those tough days.TreatmentsPhysiotherapy



Treatments Done: RSI Physiotherapy

03 November,2013

Were you pleased with the treatment?

Praveen started providing intensive physio to my father approx. 2 months after he suffered from a stroke. Within 6 weeks he had progressed to walking with a frame from having been unable to stand, balance or bear weight on one leg. Praveen's manner was calm, positive and firm but very encouraging and he used a staged approach so that it was easy for us all to see progress each week and towards the end goal of walking. Therapy would still be continuing now had my father not moved out of the area. We would recommend Praveen to anyone needing post-stroke related rehabilitation and physio.



Treatments Done: Physiotherapy - Stroke

10 April,2013

Hi Praveen,

Just wanted to give my feedback, since having my accident I was suffering with whiplash with a painful neck and back especially on my left side, since having 6 sessions with Praveen the pain has gone and I feel a lot better, I was waking up feeling very stiff and uncomfortable and this has now gone.

I have recommended Praveen to a friend of mine who has had an existing back injury for some time and has visited many physio's and osteopaths.

I would also visit Praveen in the future if I ever have any existing back or neckproblems


Lucy Yesilbulut
East Grinsted, West sussex


Lucy Yesilbulut

Treatments Done: whiplash injury

01 November,2013

Web/Graphic Designer & Usability Analyst

Praveen was my physiotherapist for several months between 2007-2008. I had acute RSI related problems that year and with Praveen's treatment and exercise/posture suggestions my problems came down to almost zero!


Usha kiran

Treatments Done: RSI

30 October,2013

"After suffering with back problems for several months I came across Praveen as a recommendation from the General Manager at Longueville Court Care Home, who was aware of his profession as a physiotherapist.

Praveen has been working with me since I first expressed my concerns to him regarding my back. He has always made me feel comfortable and treated me with care and respect. He is a professional man who takes pride in his work and is prepared to go the extra mile to help anyone.

Following several lifestyle changes work at the advise of Praveen and Neuromusculoskeletal sessions with him, I have seen a vast improvement in my condition which is constantly improving.

I have every faith that with continued support by phone, visit, continued sessions and advice my condition will fade enabling me to lead a normal and healthy life. I would recommend Praveen to anyone who has any condition affecting their lifestyle and I know that their feedback would reflect mine."

Melissa Obradovic

Melissa Obradovic

Treatments Done: Low back pain

30 November,2012

"Thank you for the best treatment which I have received from you .I have suffered a lot pain of my shoulders, neck and middle of back for ten years .

I had eight seccions .that was very helpfull .And I am doing exercises every day. my pain has gone.that was great .

thank you very much again !"

Liru Wu.

Liru Wu

Treatments Done: Myofacial pain syndrome

30 October,2013

I had been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I had sharp shooting pain and numbness on my fingers and pain in the shoulder. I could not sleep due to the pain. I went to the GP he gave me painkillers and suggested an operation. But I contacted ANRC physiotherapy clinic and underwent physio for three weeks. Surprisingly my numbness and shoulder pain reduced and I can sleep now without pain. My physio had told me to continue the sessions for a couple of weeks mainly exercises.

I am glad to recommend anybody to ANRC physio therapy Clinic. It is so good and I felt different from other physio’s.


Treatments Done:Thoracic outlet syndrome.

29 January 2013

I had been suffering from back pain for long ( years). I have been referred to NHS physiotherapy. It lasted for 6 months but I had no difference. In the meantime my GP gave different painkillers. Then I had approached Mr. Praveen in  ANRC Physiotherapy clinic.

I underwent physio for two months. It made  so much difference after all doing hands own physiotherapy (myotherapy), now I am far better and I could do my work and day today activities without pain and I am doing my regular exercises as per his suggestion’s.  Then I referred two of my friends with shoulder problems . ANRC’s treatment made them a lot better now. I strongly recommend anyone who have a physical problem to ANRC Physiotherapy clinic and thanks to Praveen for giving me Physiotherapy.

KS Mathew, Peterborough 

K S Mathew

Treatments Done:SI joint Dysfunction- Low back pain

30 November, 2013

Hi Praveen,
I first came to see you on Wednesday 23rd January 2013, after I was getting a shooting pain in my lower back. The first session included the initial assessment and hands on physiotherapy.  Although the pain in my lower back was still there, I was feeling much better, even after this first session.

As my muscles were very tight, you arranged further physiotherapy sessions on a daily basis, which included being shown/doing various stretching exercises and strengthening exercises, to improve/ease my muscles and lower back.

As the week progressed my lower back began to feel much better, with the shooting pain going.  This just left my lower back with an aching feeling.  You then arranged further alternative day sessions, followed by sessions on a weekly basis, with me doing daily exercises at home

. I am now at the stage, the shooting pain has gone, and my lower back feels nearly back to normal, and my muscles, feeling much easier. Without these sessions, I am sure I would still be getting the shooting pains in my lower back.   Attending each session, if I arrived feeling the arches in my back, I always left with hardly feeling any arches. Much appreciated the advise on how to sit/set out my Computer work station, and adjust my seating postion in my Car.

With Thanks   Phil


Treatments Done:Low back pain

13 Febuary, 2013

Thanks for the best Physiotherapy what you have given me Praveen. Two and half years ago i had a whiplash injury following a car accident. I had treatment from two physiotherapist other than you pain for a short term but i was still in agony sometimes. One day while at work i experienced a really bad migraine.

My head felt as though it was being thrust forwards and my neck was swollen and i had a radiation pain towards my hands, sleep was disturbed i always used to keep my hands over the neck. At that time i was working with Praveen and i asked him if he would look at my neck as soon as possible

He sow me after work initial session was about one hour and followed my half an hour each session for one week. Only hands own therapy( Myotherapy, myofacial release, trigger point therapy, nerve mobilization and mild stretching exercises.

My headaches/ migraines ceased as he explained the pain could be muscular origin and i felt when he works to release the trigger points in the muscle a referred pain towards the head. This has helped me enormously as the headaches are debilitating I would recommend Praveen for Whiplash injury treatment or similar kind of headaches.

Helen Davis

Treatments Done:Whiplash injury treatment

23 October, 2013

On June 2013, I consulted my local GP because of severe shoulder pain and stiffness. I was in agony physically and mentally, due to sleepless nights and being dependant on others around me even to complete the most basic tasks of daily living. My GP identified the problem and stated that this problem would be long term and would only be fixed over a time period of 18-24 months. This was not convenient for me as I was keen to get back to work and be more independent with my life.

I was recommended that I consult with Praveen in early July in order to cure the problem using physiotherapy. He was recommended by one of his previous clients who he had helped. By that time I was unable to continue working at a normal pace and the shoulder pain and stiffness had spread and started affecting other parts such as my posture and strength.

After the initial consultation, a correct diagnosis was made by Praveen stating that I had frozen shoulder syndrome. Though it was clear that this would affect me long term, Praveen stated that after 5 sessions, I would see some change in movement and also would see change in the amount of pain.

By the fourth session, movement in my arm and shoulder was a lot better, as well as reduced pain, I was also able to sleep a lot more often and able to get my strength back and am continually improving. Praveen has shown me that he has a vast knowledge of physiotherapy and that he is well learned in different techniques and assessment as well as a good sense of humour. He has also shown the ability to tackle problems head on and also offers advice on how to handle certain activities if there is any difficulty.

I appreciate what he is doing for me, and highly recommend him for other clients.

E George.

Treatments Done:Physiotherapy

21 October,2013

I contacted the Clinic because I had pain in my shoulder and hands due to extensive PC work. I have noticed a remarkable improvement after only a few treatments. Praveen did an excellent job and I highly recommend him to anyone who is working on the PC a lot and suffering from RSI.

East Grinstead, crawley West sussex.




Daniela Uhlitzsch

Treatments Done:Physiotherapy

19 October,2013