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6 Apr

What is iliotibial band syndrome and how is it treated?

What is Iliotibial Band Syndrome and how is it Treated? Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome is often caused by repetitively bending the knee during physical activities, such as running, cycling, swimming, and climbing. The IT band is a group of fibers that run the length of the upper leg, from the hip to the top of the shin.The best treatment is often to stop doing the activity that is causing the pain. In more severe cases, surgical options may need to be considered. Symptoms 1) Pain when running or doing other activities involving the outside of the knee2) A clicking sensation where the band rubs against the knee3) Lingering pain after exercise4) The knee is tender to touch5) Tenderness in buttocks6) Redness and warmth around the knee, especially the outer aspect Treatment IT band syndrome is often relatively easy to treat. There are two main types of treatment for the condition: 1) Reducing pain and swelling2) Stretching and preventing further injury Some of the most common ways to treat IT band syndrome include: 1) Resting and avoiding activities that aggravate the IT band2) Applying ice to the IT band3) Massage4) Anti-inflammatory medications, which are often available overthe counter5) Ultrasounds and electrotherapies to reduce tension (News from medical news today) Us our contact form or call today our ANRC Physiotherapy clinics in Horsham, East Grinstead, West Sussex or Lingfield, Surrey which Physiotherapy or Sports injury treatments.